Our No-Spill System

What if you could have an easy and convenient way to place bottles on your cooler
 without any spills, mess or mopping up?

Our No-Spill System insures that the outside of the bottle never comes in contact with the 

Spring Water you drink. 

It's easy, clean and fast. You'll love it! 
1. Simply peel off the sanitary label. 
2. Locate the bottle at the retrofitted cooler. 
3. Slowly place the bottle onto the cooler. 
4. Place the bottle on top of the sanitary probe.
5. The special bottle cap opens itself! 
6. Enjoy crisp, natural and clean Monadnock Mountain Spring Water 
Note: Should the need arise to move the cooler or remove the bottle before it is empty, you can easily take the bottle off the cooler because the cap will re-seal itself!