Cooler Maintenance

In order for your cooler dispenser to maintain proper cleanliness, it must be cleaned at least every six months.
Things you will need:
Clean Rubber Gloves 
Scrub Brush 
Boiling Water
Paper Towels 
Scrub Pad 
  1. Unplug the electrical cord. Remove the empty bottle.
  2. Remove the baffle ( if there is one).
  3. Carefully fill the reservoir with boiling water. Wait 3 minutes.  ALWAYS BE CAREFUL NOT TO SPILL BOILING WATER ON YOURSELF! 
  4. Use rubber gloves and scrub brush ( never use steel wool or anything abrasive) to clean reservoir and baffle. Place baffle upside down in reservoir. 
  5. Drain water through spigot. Pour more boiling water in reservoir, then clean spigots, body and handles. 
  6. Drain all water through the spigots.
  7. Rinse, dry, and replace baffle and plastic top.
  8. Place full bottle of water on top. 
  9. If you have a hot water dispenser, remove the air from the tank by opening the hot spigot until water flows freely. Plug the unit into a grounded receptacle and allow a few minutes for the water in your dispenser to heat up or cool down. 
  10. Enjoy your Monadnock Mountain Spring Water! 

How to Clean the Drip Tray

The drip tray catches occasional spills and should be emptied and cleaned monthly. To do so, remove the drip tray, clean it with mild soap and water, then rinse and dry thoroughly. 

Care and Maintenance of Bottles 

  • The polycarbonate bottles are lightweight, durable and shatterproof.
  • Even though the bottles are shatterproof, if they are dropped, small cracks can develop that can cause leaks.
  • When changing bottles, wash your hands then wipe off the top of the cooler and neck of the bottle with a clean, damp paper towel
  • Please don't put adhesive tape or stick-on notes on your bottles. 
  • Never use these bottles to store foreign objects or liquids. ( e.g., gasoline, paint or chemicals). 
  • Storing the bottles in a cool, clean place away from direct sunlight, is best for the bottles and water.